We are currently only serving in Greater Toronto Area and will start serving at other locations soon!

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Who We Are!  

We are.FreshChefs, an Indian meal kit service! We are committed to providing healthy  authentic Indian food to our customers. We take great pride in being the only meal kit service in Canada to offer pre-cut, and pre-portioned authentic Indian cuisine. 

We love our culture and are very proud to serve our customers the food that we and our families grew up eating and sincerely love. 

FreshChefs - About Us

How It All Started:  

Our story started in 2021 when we slowly found ourselves eating out more to remain fuelled up to meet the demands of our 9-5 jobs. We often found ourselves too tired to prepare  our own meals and sometimes… We simply didn’t have the time.

After a while, we recognized that our monthly spending had gone way over our intended budget, and sadly it all went to junk food. 

We, unfortunately, did not get the time to cook together anymore - This prevented us from spending the maximum amount of time with our loved ones. 

Ultimately, this sparked the idea of creating a subscription-based Indian meal kit service with the goal of providing our customers with our great authentic Indian recipes.  Whilst they got to dig into healthy delicious Indian food, and not spend more than their intended budget. 

This allowed us to once again be in the kitchen with our loved ones and for our customers to get that break they truly deserve. 

Why FreshChefs?  

  • We relate to the struggle of not being able to enjoy home-cooked meals due to  being very tired or not having enough time. 
  • We want to eat healthy food while saving money 
  • We truly believe that making lives healthier and easier is the secret to a positive  physical and mental well-being. 
  • We love the food that we cook and serve! 
  • We cook with fresh locally sourced ingredients!