Our Journey

Purav, Mehak, and Harminder, three food lovers with a dream, saw that something was missing in Canada's food scene—quick, nutritious, and true Indian cooking. That's when they came up with FreshChefs, which has become the first Canadian meal kit to offer authentic Indian dishes that are both easy to make and ready in a snap—just 15 minutes.

It all began in 2021. Like many, our days were consumed by demanding jobs, leaving little energy or time for the kitchen. Dining out became routine, but it took a toll on our health, wallets, and precious family moments.

We missed the laughter around the dinner table, the aroma of spices waiting through our home, and the joy of sharing a meal made with love. We realized we weren't alone. Many, like us, yearned for a taste of home without the hassle.

Thus, FreshChefs was born. A solution for those who crave authentic Indian dishes but need a modern-day convenience. Now, evenings are about family, stories, and flavors, not just food.

Our Vision

We aspire to lead the culinary landscape in Canada by making Indian cuisine accessible, enjoyable, and an integral part of every household. We envision a future where anyone can whip up an authentic Indian meal with ease, combining the comfort of home-cooked meals with the luxury of gourmet flavors.

Embrace the art of Indian cooking without the time-consuming preparation. Let FreshChefs be your guide to a world where flavor meets convenience.

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