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Busy but love having Indian food?

Cook Indian meals in 15 minutes for just $9.99 per meal!

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You Choose

You choose meals from our currently offered menu options

We prepare and deliver

Here's where we do our magic! We source quality and fresh ingredients for you and deliver them to your doorstep

You cook and enjoy

This is where you get to shine FreshChef! You cook meals following our step by step guide and enjoy


Save time in cooking

We do the prep for you, so that you can save time in cooking great Indian meals in 30 mins or less without compromising on quality

Indian food that tastes amazing

Get pre-portioned and pre-cut ingredients along with step by step instructions to help you create exceptionally tasting meals!

Fresh Ingredients and speciality spices delivered

Get fresh, high quality ingredients right to your door. We also source specialty Indian spices that are hard to find, so that you can get the convenience you deserve

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Order by Wed of each week and have your order delivered with the freshest ingredients the same weekend!

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Meal Kit Indian Food FreshChefs-Canada

What our customers say about us!


I've never been a fan of meal-kit services so I was surprised to find one that offered Indian food with a homemade taste.The dishes looked amazing so I gave it a try and oh boy, it was really good.They give you everything pre-cut so you can cook it yourself. Recipe instructions were easy to follow.The final dish was delicious.Will definitely order again.

Jasraj Rajkhokar


I recently came to Canada, clueless of where to buy groceries, lack of knowledge of spices and specially how to cook.I began to order take-outs, which I couldn't enjoy because it could be too oily or stale at times.When I heard of Freshchefs, to my surprise cooking became way easier.I made Pav bhaji that tasted amazing and the best I ever had in Canada.Not only that I was able to cook within 30 mins and it was effortless.As a student, it's difficult to manage a busy life which results in less time for cooking or even planning a meal each day. Freshchef solved that for us!

Apoorva Wadhwa


I came to Canada in 2016.Laziness and lack of motivation to cook basically meant I was ordering food on Uber eats at Least twice a day.Living in Scarborough meant I had plenty of options for Indian food.However the taste as many fellow Indians would agree is not the same.The taste is modified to suit local taste and it’s disappointing to say the least. I was looking for Meal kit options and did try a few.Wouldn’t say they were bad, but the one thing that was lacking was Indian food. Freshchefs offered me 3 meal kits for their beta. The meals were - Pav bhaji , kadhai Paneer and egg curry. The fact that the ingredients provided were already cut and ready to use motivated me to cook. They promised the meal would be ready in 30 mins . And yes !! They weren’t lying .The cooking was super efficient. Cooking Indian food involves a lot of preparation, as you have to cut veggies and make curries from scratch.In addition you have to wash a bunch of dishes too. This is tough if you are working. With Freshchefs, there was no prep required, less utensils to wash as the meal kit came will pre-cut veggies and I still get to eat home cooked fresh Indian food.

Jaideep Pai


There is nothing like freshly-cooked meals, and the love for Indian food as well as for cooking- FreshChefs is an ideal choice! I tried FreshChef's service and found it surprisingly awesome. I found it super easy to follow, all ready and prepared ingredients which saves you immense time AND is delicious. If you feel Indian cooking is time consuming considering it's prep time, tricky ingredients, plenty spices etc - find no more! FreshChefs does just the right job for you, satisfying the craving. Comparing it with tiffin services and eat-outs, I would choose FreshChefs for its fresh, pre-cut ingredients, quick and easy recipe plus tasty outcome.

Nitesh and Mansi


We are thoroughly satisfied with the Freshchefs food that we ordered. The packaging was clean and all the ingredients were fresh. The vegetables were already cut ;which was the best part; as it made super convenient and time-efficient to cook. Pav Bhaji took just 10 mins to prepare. The quantity of the food was perfect for two. Overall, Freshchefs get our thumbs up.

Sana Shaikh

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